time between treatments

I have my second appointment scheduled for this Saturday, but I’m wondering if I should postpone it. I don’t think I have much hair growing back yet. I do feel a lot of stubble on my arms, and the light/fine hair has grown back, but there really isn’t much dark hair that is visible (except for a few small patches here and there).

I called last week and thought I’d postpone it a week or two, but they were all booked until the end of April (this would be 8-9 weeks after my first treatment). I wasn’t sure whether it would be better to get it done a little early or wait such a long time.

I would suggest you postpone it. I had to postpone my treatment once because I don’t have much hair visible. (I went there, and they sent me back.) So they increased the gap from 8 weeks to 10 weeks.