Time Between Treatments

Hi all,

I had my first treatment w/ Palomar MediLux to remove hair on upper lip and chin 1 1/2 weeks ago. Things look REALLY good now. About 70% of the hair is GONE!! It is shedding like crazy and I don’t have to shave it at all except for one small area that it seems the laser totally missed.

My question is this: I told the doc and tech that my hair grows very rapidly. It does - before laser, I waxed every 2 weeks and there was always enough for the cosmetologist to wax. But now, my appointment for my 2nd treatment is in 4 days and I am worried that it is too soon since I have very little growth at this point (excpet for the missed clump of hair that I mentioned above).

I’ve read lots of posts, info., etc., and it seems the average time between treatments is 4 weeks. Should I wait? Is there any downside to keeping this appointment?


Hey there,

From what I understood, there should be about 6 weeks between treatments. What does your doctor say??

I think the stage growth of hair has a lot to do with this (although I’m not sure how exactly this works - lol), but I know I seem to hear 6-8 wks between treatments