time between treatments

When using the Cynosure laser, how long do you suggest to wait in between treatments. Is there a “normal” wait time. What do you think is the earliest, basically - I got it done the first time and am wondering when I can go back for treatment # 2.


Normally the practitioner will recommend the time for a follow-up. Four to eight weeks would be a good interval, or whenever you see a lot of hair growing back.

Which Apogee laser are they using. The Apogee by Cynosure has a good reputation. My first treatments were with an Apogee and it did a good job.


Yes, 4-6 weeks, give or take a week or two. There are several Apogee models, the most common being the 6200 and 9300. Both are pretty good, but as always, practitioner skill is very important.

I believe it was the 9300. My tech. was very skilled. I had ok results, but I think by next time we will have my levels in check. I was a little scared to go to “high” last time after reading some of the burn/blister stories, etc. Hopefully after the second time I will be able to tell an improvement. Right now it seems it is almost causing a faster growth rate, if that is possible. But I am prepared to be patient and see this through…

Any information you guys could offer would be great. Also, can you use Vaniqua in between treatments. Just as an every-once-in-a-while hold over sort of medicine. Or would that really throw things out of whack?

Vaniqa must be used continuously each day to see an effect. Most consumers do not see any effect for 4-8 weeks after starting.