time between laser visits

hi everyone! i’ve had laser hair removal done twice on my bikini area (with little results) and would like to go again but i haven’t been there in about six months. will that affect the results of the hair removal? i know they say you should go ever 8 weeks but im not sure if it makes a difference. hope someone can help and thanks!

Please read the FAQs at the top post of this forum. If you didn’t get any results after 2 treatments, you might want to look into a better clinic with better laser for your skin/hair type etc before you spend your money. What did you experience after the treatments? Shedding at all? Can you describe? Also, what’s your hair and skin color? What laser was used the first time? And yes, you need to have all 6-8 treatments at 8-10 week intervals for best results. You’re trying to catch hairs in anagen growing stage when they can be killed. Spacing out longer will result in more treatments needed. FAQs should answer all your questions as well as point you in the right direction to finding the right clinic.