My doctor suspects my thyroid is over producing,
so i did blood tests.
Can this condition (which leads to ulra high metabolism) lead to excess body hair? because i know the opposite does.

Long-term effects of hyperthyroidism can include metabolic problems and changes in skin, hair, and nails.

You can talk about your options with your doctor once you’re diagnosed with it.

Well my thyroid is just fine.
Andrea, what tests should i do if i feel that my body hair condition is not as it should be?
I feel that its just a symptom of a bigger problem.

To be honest, it’s usually based primarily on heredity. Rarely, it exacerbated by medications or medical conditions.

You might have an endocrinologist check your testosterone levels, etc., but it’s quite possible it’s just your genetics.

That’s the problem sonce no one in the family is hairy but me.
Anyhow, if my testosteron level is high i’m not sure it is reasonable condition to be treated.