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Hair Threading

Air Date: 05/19/2003
Are you tired of tweezing? Do you hate ripping off skin with wax? Well, it may be time to twist into a new–well, maybe not so new, trend – called threading. 7’s Juli Auclair tells us it’s now the secret weapon for some Hollywood heavyweights.

Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston, Kathy Najimy, Michelle Branch and Salma Hayek have been twisting their way to taking off unwanted hair.

Stevan Adams, 119 Salon Group, Stylist and Make-up Artist
“It’s been in vogue now for probably the last three years, although it’s been around forever.”

We are talking about the ancient Middle Eastern technique called threading, and it’s resurfacing as the hottest beauty regime with celebrities, but you don’t have to be a superstar to get it.

Stevan Adams, 119 Salon Group
“Threading has actually been around for hundreds of years, it was the first concept of hair removal before we had wax and tweezing.”

Stevan Adams, of 119 Salon Group on Newbury Street, was trained in the technique in Europe – brings it back to Beantown. He says threading removes course and stubborn hair without harsh chemicals or irritation.

Stevan Adams, 119 Salon Group
“Waxing removes your skin, it affects your skin, your premature wrinkling and aging.”

This is how it works-- by using a piece of cotton thread a row of hair is pulled out at the follicle in a clean sweeping motion. The stylist holds one end of the thread in their teeth and the other end in one of their hands to form a loop. The loop traps the unwanted hairs and voila - the hair is gone and the best part…

Christine Widhson, Boston
“How quick and painless it was.”

For the first time Christine Widson traded in her tweezers for some twine and couldn’t believe the results.

Christine Widhson, Boston
“The lines are clean and very precise. Again, it was just a really comfortable procedure to have done.”

But not all hair is created equal-- so remember when it comes to spinning string stick to just your face.

Stevan Adams
119 Salon Group
119 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116



So your saying, that each hair folicole must be threaded by hand?

Wouldn’t that take a long time to do?
I guess you can’t do it very well by yourself?