Threading - Portland


I’ve recently moved into Portland from New Zealand and I’m wondering if anyone here knows if there are any threading salons in Portland. Back home I had threading done every 2 weeks and I would like to pick it back up again…

thanks heaps if you can help me… :smile:

I can’t help you with your query, i have a question instead i had facial threading twice earlier on in the year but i ended up with lots of whiteheads so in the end i decided not to continue though it was fantastic whilst i was hair free. i think my problem may have been that the hair was too fine and really should not have been plucked. You sound like a fan i assume you don’t have problems with it?

oops i’ve just read some of the other posts and discovered that other people have had whiteheads and they are caused by dirt etc…

anyway good luck with your search

You can try this Do-it-yourself threading device from