threading on areas other than face?

Hi all,
I have been threading my eyebrows for a while (and love the results)…My question is, do people thread other areas as well? I am thinking of my abdomen, where the hair is very fine but still visible. Also, the rest of my face (other than upper lip and chin, more like the cheeks)Thoughts? t.

There is a technique for threading the legs aswell but I havent learnt it…
To have the abdomen threaded would most definitely require another person to do it for you, but the technique would be the same.

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I purchased a Do-It-Yourself threading tool from and it is very simple to use, very effective and very inexpensive. I can only do so much conventional threading on my own, gets very tedious after a while. So coming across this product was wonderful for me. You may want to check out their website. This product is great for upper lip, chin and cheeks. I don’t know about the abdomen, you would have to have someone thread that area for you.