Threading Face at Home

I have a very hairy face (peach fuzz). I use a spring tool to “thread” the hair on my face and I’ve been using it for a year now. I like it, haven’t gotten any ingrown hairs or breakouts. My problem is that it doesn’t work on my forehead. The hairs there are very soft and the spring will not pick them up. I tried to thread with sewing thread but I just can’t get the technique right, I don’t have the hand coordination. Can anyone recommend anything to remove the hair hairs on my forehead? It makes my skin look dark and dirty because they are so soft and fine that it blends into my skin and makes me look discolored.

Have you tried bleaching them? If they are so fine and small, they should be practically unnoticeable once bleached. I know what you mean about making the skin look grey and dirty.

My hair is black (not dark brown) and I started bleaching when I was 19, so the fuzz is always blonde instead of black since then. I have undergone a fair bit of electrolysis on the rest of my face to remove the “peach” fuzz. I’m not finished yet but I think I will always still be bleaching - because the fine, tiny hairs on my forehead and what I won’t remove on the rest of my face because they’re too small, still look better bleached as my face looks brighter/cleaner.

My sister on the other hand, since she is darker skinned, bleaching doesn’t work as well (the hair is still obvious because its blonde on tan skin) so she’s having a lot more electrolysis than me. She has had her upper lip cleared to much more of an extent to me (almost every single, tiniest hair(, for the purposes of making the area look fresher rather than because the hairs themselves were obvious. Same situation for the forehead.

I have dark skin so bleaching is not an option for me. That would be awesome if I could get away with doing that lol.
Once, I shaved the hairs on my forehead and they literally felt like powder in my hands, that’s how fine they are. I don’t ever want to shave again because I’m afraid it will look stubbly eventually.

Well if you can do something permanent like electrolysis that would be great.

If not, have you tried waxing? The veet short hair wax strips are quite good.

I wax everywhere else, I’m not sure why I’m hesitant to wax my face. I guess I’m afraid of burns or ingrown hairs.
I am looking into electrolysis now, that’s actually what led me to this site. In my city, there are only 2 people to choose from so that scares me a little. I want to do as much research as possible. Plus, I have no idea what the cost would be. If money were no concern, I’d like to have permanent hair removal on my entire face and body. At this point the hair is causing me a lot of stress.

Well the Veet wax strips are cold wax so no issue with burns. Ingrown hairs… if you don’t get them from threading, I doubt you will get them from waxing.

Yes, read as much as you can and go for consultations. Cost is hard to predict but if the electrologist is good, the job will get done without spending a LOT and in a decent time frame.

I really appreciate the great advice. Thank you.

I would just go along to a place that does threading for eyebrows, and ask them to do that area as well. I reckon they should be able to do it, some areas are very hard to thread yourself.

I found waxing on my face (inc. eyebrows) left too much shadow for my liking.

at the moment i’m also doing only threading by using’sewing thread’.but its painful.

Have you tried a facial epilator? The Braun 830 is specially made for facial hair and has been pretty effective in my experience.

There’s also facial hair trimmers if its more peach fuzz that you’re dealing with. There was a product called the Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer that might work for you. It’s super discreet and should keep the peach fuzz at bay, plus way less painful than epilating or waxing :wink:

You can also try using epilators. They are very handy and easy to use devices that are great for getting rid of unwanted hair on your body or face. You must try Emojoi Epi Slim epilator that is specially designed for delicate areas such as underarms, face and bikini line. Or else if you need more information on it you can refer to this guide on epilators -

ya, rip it up! Dont let a little thing like common sense get in the way of causing all that scarring!run that thing over your face till it bleeds baby! If your face doesnt look like a horror movie prop, you arent doing it right!