threading bumps

I just got my face threaded three days ago and now there are small bumps on my cheeks. I have not been touching my face and have been washing with a gentle cleanser. What can I do as the bumps are not getting better?

Stay out of the sun and use a mild astringent.

You might try a product like Tend Skin, which can reduce redness and swelling.

If the bumps have white heads, they are possibly infected. you should use mild germ-killer like bacitracin ointment or possibly diluted hydrogen peroxide.

I used to get those too, until the woman who threads me said, “STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE!”
So I stopped, and I don’t get the bumps any more. Keeping my hair away from my face after threading also helps. Threading opens up your pores to dirt and oil, so you need to be careful right after getting it done.