Threading and Tweezing


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t threading the same as Tweezing? Your still pulling the hair out but just with a different utensils! Please could someone explain.



Yes, threading/waxing/sugaring/tweezing/epilating all pull the hair folicule out in the same type of basic way.
They just do it in a different way.

Thanks Aguila!
So why not just Tweeze the hair? Perhaps I’m missing something…I never even heard of threading up until I found this site.

the reason I personally think that threading is so much better is because threading not only pulls out hairs, it cuts them thereby allow for much more precision and perfection especially when it comes to eyebrows. I have never had the same results with waxing or tweezing because with both of these options you can only choose to pluck a hair or not pluck it (to be or not to be, haha). Sometimes you may have a hair that you debate plucking because its too long, but at the same time the area its in my have sparse growth. As we all know, we don’t always have even growth in all areas. You can always wax and trim, but the effect of doing it all at once, with threading is in my opinion, superior.

It’s also faster.

A couple of reasons threading is better than tweezing. With threading, you can remove a whole line of hairs at a time, whereas with tweezing, you have to do one at a time. Another reason is because the thread “catches” the hair better, whereas with tweezing, it often causes the hair to break and not come out fully… causing ingrown hairs, which are a pain to get out and often times, cause scarring.

It’s not dangerous. In terms of side effects, yes, it’s the same as tweezing. You’re basically tweezing but a bunch of hairs at once using threads instead of a tweezer.

Yes, some hairs can become more coarse with time, but that is the same as with waxing and tweezing. It’s from pulling hair out with the root. But this doesn’t happen to everybody or on all areas.