I know this might not be the right place, but I am desperate! I have unsightly thread veins that I am trying to remove or get removed.

I have heard of ‘VeinWave’ which uses the blend method of galvanic + RF currents. My question is: Can an electrolysis machine capable of the ‘blend’ technique work just as effectively? A very fine needle is touched upon the vein and it causes it to coagulate and vanish after a few days.

Any thoughts on this? Thank you! I really would appreciate anyone that knows the science behind this to help me. I have access to a blend electrolysis machine and wonder if it could be used for that.

there are some lasers that do this. i’ve heard that it’s easier to remove the superficial spider veins, than the thicker ones…

Are you talking about spider veins on the lower legs and thighs or on the face or upper body?

Sclerotherapy, I believe, is still the gold standard for for leg spider veins, at least it was in the recent past, even over laser.

When I get time (and the energy) I need to research this better. But I will say what I remember: the blend method can defininitly be used successfully for skin lesions like broken capillaries and spider veins. Telangiectases is the medical term for these.

If you are talking about spider veins on your legs, this area is very difficult to treat and may not bring success because the blood pressure in the leg capillaries is greater than the blood vessels in the facial capillaries. Facial capillaries therefore are easier to treat, with success,using the blend method.

If you mess around with any vessel that is too big on your legs, you could create a bigger problem. Let a physician do your leg spiders if that is the area you are referring to. Okay?


You may also want to get some dry vitamin E and take that, in addition to a good bio-available calcium supplement at night. Many people who have this problem are experiencing a deficiency .

I’ve heard that with a blend machine, removing small(highlight the word ‘small’), superficial spider veins really works, but one needs to directly contact the manufacturer of their particular machine to get the settings and all that is pertinent to conducting this process. I know of one person who has done this on themselves successfully, but I understand it’s illegal to do this to anybody other than one’s own self, at least here in California. I wanted to get the Bono book on it, just to see what it’s all about.


Thanks Mantaray! You just jogged my memory! I just found Bono’s book on telangiectasia that I purchased several years ago. My epilator actually has a program for this proceedure,but it is illegal for me to perform this on another person in the state of Ohio.

I have successfully removed several hemangioma’s (red spots) on a close friend’s abdomen using high frequency current, no d/c used like Bono describes. Works like a charm and gives instantaneous satisfaction. She wanted me to do more on her back, but I declined, since I’m not “licensed to do this”. Seems ridiculous, since I can do this with ease. It is a simple proceedure to do and I really think this is something an electrologist can do safely with proper equipment and training. It would be a great service to offer the consumer at a decent price, compared to what a physician would charge, but the turf must be protected! It takes 4-6 months to see a dermatologist in my area and they do the same thing that I can do for things like hemangioma’s and charge 150% more than what I would charge. Also, I could see and treat them within 2 weeks.

Now I know I deviated here a bit from spider veins stuff, but I feel that I could easily do this proceedure as well and save the the consumer a substantial amount of money.


Telangiectasia can not be purformed on legs, the blood pressure is too high in that part of the body for the thermocoagulation to properly clot and solidify the area. It can only be done on the upper body.

(Yes, it is all about turf. In many instances our machines are better and safer than what the doctors use, and we have more experience using such equipment.)