Thought I'd share...

Hello! I am new and I love this site!
I’m a 26 year-old woman and I have fair skin and dark hair. My issues are really only with my lower legs, underarms and bikini line. After reading so many posts about facial hair, I feel pretty lucky now. So THANK YOU all for that!
I recently reached a point where I HAD to do something. I’m in a dance company and you bear a significant amount of leg, underarm & bikini line in performances. And I can’t shave everyday. It doesn’t work for me. So doing multiple shows over several days in a row is unbearable. When I added that in with my upcoming wedding in a strapless gown, I decided it was worth the expense to try the laser thing.
Anyway, I had my first treatment for my underarms last Friday. And thank God - I chose a good facility! I didn’t find this site until after the fact (of course).
They asked me a ton of questions beforehand, they have a doctor that oversees the whole facility, with RN’s performing the procedures. The facility itself is very nice and very professional.
They used an Alexandrite laser that had the cool air tip blowing on me and they used a clear gel as well. The actual procedure took less than 10 minutes. And yeah, it hurt. WHY do they say it’s gentle and painless??? I never believed that was true anyway. I was a little tender and red for the rest of the day, but otherwise just fine.
So of course none of the hair has yet fallen out, but I can definitely tell that it’s different under there - the hairs all seem to be standing on end, pointing straight out of the hair follicles. And they really haven’t grown any. I’m assuming this is a good sign. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m very excited about being allowed to start exfoliating with a washcloth in the shower tomorrow. I do hope it starts to fall out soon - I’ve never had truly hair-free underarms before.

Thank you for sharing your thought. I will sure you will enjoy your hair free underarms as I do.

If you don’t have any scabbing or blisters you can use a loofah after a week or so to help coax those hairs out.


Hi Em-- I’m pleased to hear you found a good place, and thanks for the report! Sorry it took a while to get back to you-- you should see the hairs falling out by now. Keep us posted on your progress!