Those fussy hairs under the nose

Today I’ve been working on my upper lip.The right side today, and also the little trough under the nose. I’m going after hairs that are so light and fine I can barely see them.It’s such fussy work, and lighting makes all the difference in the world. It’s so frustrating! I want the hairs to just go away.


My first advice is to enter cottons between gum and lip. That will give the tightness that you need to insert easily, and expose the hair to a greater prominence.

I’ve had that done actually though I havent done it when working on myself. Part of the problem is I’m using f3 probes on hairs that are really too tiny for them. An f2 would be better but I bend those like tissue paper and I dont like to use them because of that. You are right of course that stretching the chin is key. On the trough is a very painful spot also. I experienced similar hair under the bottom lip, but have eventually managed to kill those off with persistance.


Isn’t that a risky area of doing electrolysis. I think I read that if the slightest infection occurs in that area you could potentially die

While I would not say “the slightest infection”, it is actually a miniscule possibility, and therefore, the reason why many choose not to treat the mucosal tissues of the INNER NOSE area in their practice. There is no contraindication for treating the exterior of the nose.

(Now comes the part where some other practitioner disputes the accuracy of my last statement and calls me irresponsible and an idiot.)

Having once been an avid reader of philosophy, and read Hegel, I would never try to second-guess anyone disagreeing with me (and I wouldn’t try to stop it either!). See, challenge and disagreement is the “stuff of progress.”

Hegel said: Thesis, ANTI-thesis, and synthesis: the basis of science (and history) IS disagreement. I welcome it and actually LIKE it! Agreeing with me, for no particular reason, always feels somehow sickeningly insipid. Like I need a shower after getting the “compliment.”

I mean: don’t kiss somebody’s ass unless you HAVE TO! You know, the Queen, King or Pope, or something with a title.

Having said that in my usual imperious tone, let me tell you my own “in the nose” story. Sure, I was also schooled in all the nose-mythology.

Just before I was to work on a clients “nose” … (up near the nostrils … and in them a bit too), I mentioned my “education” about this subject. Dr. C., in his very dry British-Cambridge accent said, “Michael, that’s rubbish!”

So, there’s the scientific explanation. If you would like a longer explanation … I could do that in my usual “long-winded” manner.

But being talked to death is the worse death of all!

Oh my goodness IlikeDIY, I dont know where you heard that but I have never has any problems doing electrolysis on all parts of the upper lip with regards to infection. The area in the middle of the upper lip though is very sensative, and it will make your eyes water and the closer you get to the nostril the more they will water.


…and, you may start sneezing uncontrollably, too! Not the best place for most people, but some do tolerate it just fine.

From what i read it wasn’t the lip but a small area around and inside the nose that shares a blood supply to and from your brain. But those who posted above me would know more about it than me, I chose to deviate away from doing it… But I do have an area that is a total pain in the butt to shave.

I’m going to ask “Chappy” about this again … although he’ll go all “British upper-class on me,” as always. And yes, that is exactly what I have heard too, i.e., the blood vessels leading to the old noodle. I do think this questions is worthy of a more in-depth understanding.

Okay, here’s the answer (from a plastic and reconstruction surgeon):

Not just “inner nose” vessels, but all blood vessels in the mid-face are connected to vessels in the brain. An infection in any area of the mid-face would be equally dangerous were it not for modern antibiotics. A patient would certainly know if an infection was taking place LONG before it became serious or life-threatening.

Therefore, if you are working on such mid-face areas be sure to inform the patient to let you know immediately if any real infection is apparent.

Is an infection more likely to take place in the nose? I think that is the question that is the key to this concern … and, the reason people are warned to not even tweeze nose hairs. Such a moist area might be more prone to infection … well, it does seem plausible.

Overall, the doctor thinks these areas are safe to treat providing the client is properly informed and will report any serious infection so that medication can be prescribed.

Now, aren’t you sorry you asked?

No. Not really . I’m always the sponge.

My bigger concern was that some of them are so thin now its very difficult to get into them .

I would say that we can be very fussy each to there own but if there hair is light fine and barely visable especially under bright light that an electrolysis uses I don’t see why they would need removing at all? The key really for me is to remove hairs that are visable when having a conversation with someone face to face that usually means they are longer in length or have a darker pigment to them to stand out. We can allow the hairs to take over our life and I do think that if they are hard to see for you working on them doing electrolysis or anyone else in the procession perhaps your working yourself up over nothing? I know I get very worked up over my hairs but they do still have pigments of brown instead of black on chin and still black but thinner around nipples. Just a thought not meaning to offend hugs x You know all women do have hairs on there upper lip that are usually the ones you describe and not dark in color thick or long like most of us seek treatment for if I see a women with zero going off upper lip I know she’s probably had a wax. I use hair removal creams on upper lip and I personally prefer my upper lip 1 week after then 2 week after looks like a normal women at 3 weeks I have to remove and when I first do it it just looks weird having zero there but more preferable than leaving them.

While I certainly see the Hegelian dialectic going on, (that’s [create a] problem, [wait for the] reaction, and [offer a preconceived] solution for non philosophy majors) it is not in this thread… As for progress… depends on one’s definition of “progress”.

Meh, at least we have a group of people admitting they have worked on this area for years and not had anyone die because they could not stop picking their nose for 24 hours.

Helen I havent answered your question, because its not so easy a question to answer!
You are right, women DO have hair on their lip, BUT…

In my case there are sveral factors at play here.First is, I am working on my upper lip to clear it.The hairs I described are not central to just the center part of the upper lip. But having just cleared the lip, to have an area of very dense ( albeit light) hair in JUST the center area would look very odd and WOULD show up to someone talking to me.Thhis in the end would affect my self esteem. Tht’s the simplest answer.So I remove it.

My facial hair has a huge variety of hairs with regards to colour and thickness, but especially colour. In a single sqare centimeter of skin I can have 5-6 different colours of hair, ranging from dark brown, to red, to grey/white, to blond. Then again colour varies within the hair itself.All of different thicknesses and lengths.
Since my goal is to have a feminine face, without shaving, and since it is easier to remove longer hairs most times than it is shorter ones, I tend not to shave my face. Every few months maybe. I actually shaved my cheeks this week, but thye hadnt been done since before christmas! It was an incredible amount of hair showing up int he sink, it actually made me feel ill. And very very LONG hairs. Though if you were talking to me, you probably would not have noticed them! However if they do or are likely to grow longer, then they go.If I can see to remove them!

@James … a little warm facecloth before hand goes a long way doesnt it?


You have to do what you feels right for you and your own confidence, my electrolysis tells me that things are not as bad as I think I would probably remove more thinner ones and blonde ones but she says they are normal and you can go on for ever and be really fussy over it but she will let me know if she feels something needs removing and so far on the chin area anyways my confidence is growing just need the boobies to catch up. x