This site is a blessing

Hair removal has been a taboo subject especially for women. We don’t like to discuss the subject because we are not sure where exactly women remove hair from and how many women do. I come from a family of hairless women. My mom nevered had to shave her legs or armpits. I always envied her and my aunts for taking a five minute shower and they were done. Where I came from I don’t know but when I first started shaving my legs at the age of 13 I was on my own. Had no clue what my options were. Today I am forty years old and am finally more open about the subject. I find this site a blessing for those of us who deal with this everyday. We have a place to share. Let’s open up and share our experiences so that we don’t feel all alone and this subject finally becomes an acceptance and maybe more research will go into it to make us hair free. Thanks Andrea.

Wow, what a great post, skopie! :smile: I’ve been very lucky to be in a position to help people with hair removal issues.

One of the reasons I started this site and forum was because of all the shame and secrecy about hair removal. There was so much misinformation and scams floating around that even the smartest consumers were getting tricked. And the worst part to me was all the scam artists and quacks selling false hope and banking on the shame of it all to keep people from coming forward when they got ripped off!

What started as a tiny little part of a website has turned into its own huge reader-supported venture that is changing the entire industry for the better!

I’m very happy to know that everyone here is so supportive and willing to share-- together, we can all make a difference! HairTell readers are the absolute best on the net, and that’s no exaggeration!

Thanks to everyone for making OUR forum such a huge success-- 1000 members and counting! :smile:

I would like to see our society be more accepting of everyone, both male and female, doing what they personally feel comfortable with. Darnit, it’s MY body and I shouldn’t feel pressure to remove or not remove my body hair. I personally feel more physically comfortable when I’m smooth, but I wouldn’t make negative comments about anyone else who chose to not to remove their body hair. I hate that many women feel like they will be less attractive if they opt not to remove body hair and I also hate it that many men feel as if they will be viewed as less masculine if they choose to remove some or all of their body hair.

One thing is for sure, it is important for consumers to have credible resources on hair removal products/services as well as support if they do choose to remove their body hair…thanks again, Andrea!

I found this forum while searching for information on a hair removal device. (Igia Finally Gone).

I am so glad I found this place. Being a hairy gal has made me feel like such a freak. It’s nice to see that what I’m going through is rather normal.


Glad to have you here, Serendipity!

Hair removal is something almost everyone does, usually several times a week. Many of us do it daily in some form or another. The idea that it’s some rare circus-freak thing comes from looking at millions of airbrushed teenagers in fashion magazines, but I’m here to tell you there are millions and millions of people with unwanted hair. I’m glad to have you here, and I’m glad I could steer you away from those IGIA scum! :grin:

Andrea’s reference to “airbrushed teenagers” made me laugh at myself because of something I did a few days before Halloween…

I was dressed up for a costume party and my husband took a quick picture of me before we headed out. Anyhow, some out-of-state friends wanted me to email the photos, so I sat down at the computer and downloaded the pics from the camera.

As I was looking through the pictures, I realized that -in all my cheezy glory- I had revealed a freshly electrolysised (new word?) armpit. Not pretty…and no way was I sending THAT out to my friends. So I quickly figured out how to digitally airbrush and I have to say…my pit never looked better! LOL! :grin:

LOL dragonfly! :wink: If only there were a way to do that live!