This probably sounds silly...

But I have noticed lately (and have been super paranoid about this) that in between appointments, when I shave the hairs off, you can still see the black spots that are right at the surface of the skin or right below (where the razor can’t reach). It seriously looks like a 5 o’clock shadow. Any ideas on how I can prevent this from happening or even hide it? Now that the weather is nice, the sun has been making it more difficult to hide this.

I forgot to add, that I normally bleach the areas too, but since the bleach can only go so deep, it’s still visible. I hate leaving the house and things like this really make it tempting to just start plucking again…but I have come so far and I don’t want to take any steps back.

Have you used camouflage makeup, concealers, foundations?

Since your name indicates that you are female, the only other suggestion is to begin electrolysis.

All the best.

Hi Arlene,
I have been doing electrolysis since Dec 2010, but the problem is in between appointments. I have only tried the yellow and green camouflage, I read that maybe using something with a peach base would help. The areas aren’t that big, but they are so noticeable because it is so dark. In dimmer lighting, you can’t even notice it. In fact, I was all set and ready to go out yesterday, then I looked at my face in the sunlight and started feeling sick. This probably bothers me more than it should…but I seriously get anxiety over it.

What area on your face are you treating? How often are you getting treated?You mention the area treated is not that big ,are you getting a full clearance in in each session? How soon after treatment are you shaving?

Hi S. Tehfe,
I am going every 2-3 weeks, the amount of time varies as the the appointments are hard to come by (she is a busy woman!) Typically, the appointments are for about an hour. I do get fully cleared every time. I don’t get the course hairs anymore, but the fine hairs that come in are usually really dark (almost black). I usually don’t start shaving or anything for about a week, when the hairs start coming in. I don’t usually use a real shaver either, I use the “eyebrow shapers” most of the time so they get a little deeper, and I’m only getting the areas that have the hair. I was having good luck with those when the hairs were course.
I’m wondering now if the little black dots have always been there and I am just now seeing it. I hope not and I hope this is something that will go away, like I’m worried that my skin will always look like this.

try using a better concealer, or a better foundation with full coverage

Dermablend, graftobian make good concealers

Revlon colorstay is a good and cheap foundation with full coverage

Or MakeupForever from sephora makes good concealer and foundation and available in many different shades

I think the best thing is to show your electrologist these black dots, she will be able to observe and identify with magnification.Some times black dots could be remanents of an epilated hair or breakage of a hair during removal which usually leaves the thick root portion in the follicle and they can appear on the surface up to a week after treatment or shaving maybe the cause of these black dots, maybe your electrologist can bring your appointments closer so you can avoid shaving.She will help you come to a solution to avoid getting the black dots.
Please do not pluck, you will only go back to the beginning.

Thank you everybody! I tried the Revlon Color Stay but it doesn’t help me, maybe I got the wrong shade. I was doing some reading yesterday and found that Max Factor Pancake makeup covers discoloration and even covers up hair. I have read a lot of great reviews, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this helps. I looked for it on Amazon but it was nearly $50, which is a little much for me when it comes to not knowing for sure whether or not it will do the trick. So I found it on another site for only $8.99, I got 2 shades and a concealer. I hope this works!
I never thought about the hairs possibly breaking. I will talk to my electrologist and see if there is possibly anything we can do.
I tried using a hair remover cream (my electrologist told me that is ok to do) but it did not remove the black dots at all.

Oh and I was wondering too if getting a microdermabrasion might help?

Sounds good but make sure even the tiniest of scabs are gone.
Make sure to follow the aftercare instructions - especially sunblock.