This is some board!

Giving it a try, after all these years! I finally had to create a new email account to “get on” Hairtell. Now that I’m here, I’m a bit confused with the plethora of posts and categories. This board is “really something.” I might have the temerity to offer a suggestion here and there; if I can figure this out! But I do enjoy reading the comments. Carry on (I think).

Hi Michael, welcome to HairTell!

I’m new here too. I was just searching for your books on the net a while ago as they are warmly recommended - but they are very hard to find! :frowning:

If you know anyone who sells them and accepts Paypal, please let us know. :slight_smile:

I bought the new version of “the Blend” from Texas Electrolysis just recently. Not sure if they accept paypal. Just call and ask them.

Michael, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say how happy I am you are planning to participate!!! Welcome!!!

PS: Can’t wait to read the new book!

Welcome to the forum!

What a great way to start the NEW YEAR! You will be fine navigating the board, just give it some time or we can help you. Your book, The Blend Method, is a top electrolysis treasure of mine. I learned so much more from your book, The Blend Method, than I could have ever hoped to have learned as a student. You saved me many times with your easy to follow, well researched information. Thank you. Thank you.

Glad to have you here and have fun with this board. It’s a great place to hang out!


Blessed be A God!

I have to pinch to verify that I am not dreaming.

What a wonderful surprise!

My vocabulary in the English language is very limited but there are 4 words that I learned to write some time ago:

[size:17pt]THANK YOU MICHAEL BONO![/size]

And other 3 words that I have trained for if some happy day you were treading on Spanish territory.

          [b][size:17pt] WELCOME TO HOME![/size][/b]

Oh, Josefa! I love you! :grin:

I am humbled by your too-kind comments. I have, indeed, been out of touch — years of caring for sick and dying parents. (If you are “the only caregiver,” you know what this means. (I had 15 years of it.) So, now that everybody is dead, I can get back to work! I miss my profession and especially all the wonderful colleagues; well, most of them.

It is a true privilege to be involved with caring for sick and dying parents. My condolences to you. My next ambition in life, if I am no longer performing electrolysis well, is to continue on with hospice nursing. There is such tenderness and introspection with end of life issues.

Well, you’ve come full circle and you are peeking through the window again. Please honor us anytime with some Bono perspective!

Be well,


And I to you, Dee. You know that thanks to you I found Hairtell and all you. Do you remember :wink:

Hello Notadelphin,

I have bought recently “Telangectasias” in
They agree to pay with paypal.

The person entrusted in the service the consumer is Susan

If you have problems with the purchase on line, write to:

She is very nice and has helped me very much.

Can you refresh my memory, Josefa?

Thank you so much for the information Rhodesengr and Josefa.

Michael: I wish you all the best for this new phase of your life!

Thanks for joining Mr. Bono. James and I were just discussing your upcoming book yesterday. I have your Blend book and it’s my “Bible” for the work I do on myself. Thanks again, J

“Electrolysis” in a Google search led me to, there I met Barbara, and one of your comments that included a link to Hairtell. Then I had my first surprise, James!

It took me a little time for me to understand that James was the friend (in Buffalo) of my friend Fran Teruel. Fran told me a lot of his American friend James, Fran also spoke of a remarkable book written by a Californian electrologist, Michael Bono.

So thanks to you I met James, and thanks to Andrea and James I met Barbara, Arlene, Christine, Beate, Milli and you (sorry if I forget a colleague).
I also met special friends, like my dearest Alicia, Peace, Stoppit, Bryce, etc.
And finally the master of masters, Michael Bono. I can wish for anything more?

WELL! That’s quite a progression! Yes, I now remember. Thanks!

We have some real celebrities on the board. Welcome, sir!