This is going to Hurt. HariyGuy has a question!


Hi everybody. Ok I’ve just gone out and purchased a Braun EverySoft - with the starter head and cold packs. Anyway I get it home and think…Hmmmm…I’ll try it on my stomach hair…OUCH!!! bigggg mistake.
So this is my situation. I am very hairy…and I hate it. So I want to use it to remove my Chest,stomach and top of back hair…
I tried it on the few hairs on my shoulders with little pain which was ok…but I’m worried about the rest.
Now my question is should I shave or depilitate(bad spelling) it first? then give it a go?? Will this help with the pain? At the moment the hiar is quite long, a couple of centimetres in somecases.

Thanks guys…


Yes, you should clip or trim hair down to 0.5 to 1 cm prior to epilation. Early treatments will always be worse than later ones if you do it regularly.


Andrea, Thanks for the reply…
I’ve taken your advice, but unfortunately the PAIN is totally unbearable. Especially on the chest area…Problem is now that I’ve trimmed it back its probably going to come back even thicker! :frowning: …Hmmm Looks like I just wasted $100 AUS…bugger.


Shaving or trimming does not have any effect on hair growth rates or thickness. If you cannot abide the pain, you should try some of the topicals I mentioned before.

Sorry you find it so painful! Some people find the kind of pain assicated with epilation especially difficult. :frowning:



If it is too painful to use the epilator, or even to wax, maybe you should just keep the hair trimmed short. Or you could do a few laser treatments to reduce the hair and then try to epilate.


I love the pain… yummy


What’s with the weird posts?



I know it’s a little late for getting buggered by all the pain this time.
However, if you really want the hair gone(besides shaving) there are other ways to do it.

As far as your Epilator is concerned, with the right prepration of your skin the discomfort of the first and maybe the second time can be reduced.
Then you could still use your Epilator everyweek without pain.