This Forum is Heaven Sent!!!


Hi! Here is my story:

I am 26 years old, married (luckily), and female. Since puberty I’ve had facial hair. What started as a simple “mustache” turned into hair sprouting from my chin and neck. At first they came in as long curly hairs (one on my chin, three or so on my neck), but before too long I started shaving them off. By highschool I had a whole forest of hairs on my neck. My chin was still only decorated with one hair. I tried shaving, but being a teen I would miss days of shaving so stubble would be visible therefore garnering teases and laughs from my peers. I tried bleaching, plucking, waxing, ect. But nothing seemed to be right for me and my busy lifestyle. So I went back to shaving every time. My chin hairs became a forest about the time I turned 21. Now I have to shave not only my upper lip, but my neck and my chin as well.

I also have very irregular periods therefore making it very difficult to conceive. (That is a whole other issue) I’ve just recently learned the facial hair and the periods MAY have something to do with each other.

The reason I am so depressed about my facial hair is the fact that I feel many doors of opportunity are closed to me. I want to join the military (when I lose weight) but the fear of being stuck playing war games in a field for weeks without the luxury of privacy and a good razor, will deem it impossible for me to “hide” my problem. Also, just the “irrational” fear of going into a coma, getting stuck under rubble, ect and with no way to shave also scares me. I keep a razor in my purse out of fear that something will happen that causes me to be left out of my home is ridiculous, but I do it.

While other people apply to be on tv shows like Survivor, people like myself are hesitant because the first thing we think of is, WHERE CAN I SHAVE WITHOUT THE CAMERAS/OTHERS SEEING ME?

While most of these situations are rare/not plausible, ect. The fear is nevertheless still there.

So, here I am. One year from being too old to joing the USAF and now I am desperate more then ever to get treatment for my condition. Losing weight seems easy compared to this!

I am thinking about getting a consultation regarding laser removal and the more that I read about it, the more enticing it seems to me. I seem to be a good candidate. I am bi-racial so my skin tone is a light brown and the hair in my problem areas are dark and coarse.

Any advice for me would be very welcomed. Thanks and I apologize for such a long intro.


Hello and welcome. I agree this forum is great. I totally understand your feelings. There are times I feel totally alone and like I am some sort of freak. It has caused me serious depression and impacted my life. I am trying to have faith and do my research. I can tell you though, laser will not take care of your problem for the long-term. Your money is much better spent finding a good electrologist that is willing to do multiple hours to clear the area for you and keep it that way. I have read a lot on laser and watched my friends get it done–it is a total waste of money in my opinion. Why not spend it on something permanent. But the process of finding a good electrologist is grueling…and depressing. The best bet is to ask here in your area to see if anyone has had a good experience. It is a process though. I wish you luck. God bless.



Thanks for the reply! I don’t know much about laser, but I was hoping it was a better alternative to electrolysis. My mom had it done for a very long time and there was only slight improvement after all that money she spent.

I won’t close my mind to it though. Anything that helps.


It is true, finding the right person is everything. The right person will get progress you can see almost from the start. That person will also have equipment that is as comfortable as electrolysis equipment can get, and will clear out enough per session that one can maintain large clearance areas with just a little diligence.

I know finding this is not easy across the world, but if you can find it, you realy don’t need laser.