Third clearance on arms

Did my third full clearance on my arms on Friday. 2-1/2 hours and 2,280 hairs. Pictures 1 and 2 are live scenes from the battlefield. Picture 3 is after one hour, and Picture 4 is after 24 hours.

I probably had about fifty lidocaine injections for this, but they didn’t hurt that much - nothing compared to the intense sting of a zap that strayed outside the numbed area.

It looks fantastic, and as with all the rest I have done is worth every tear and every penny.

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very little skin reaction can be seen. Bravo to the electrologist. IT would be interesting to see the area in 2-3 days to see if there is any scabbing

Looking good. I am interested to see the results of your first two clearances.

I don’t have any pictures from the previous clearances. The first one was rough because I used only EMLA cream (a complete waste of time and effort) and ice. The last two I got lidocaine shots which made it much more bearable and faster.

I’ve never experienced scabbing. Usually redness for a couple of days, which fades away. The exception was the back of my neck. That resulted in bumps (and redness!) that lasted a couple of weeks, but eventually went away.

I’ve been there, arms are pretty tough areas. I also needed anesthetic shots and found that EMLA was not effective but I think that it’s because Emla is only good for sparse hair growth, so lets say after 2 or 3 clearances. How many times do you think you need to get the arms cleared before being finished?

I don’t know. But there was a LOT of new hair after the 2nd clearance, so I’m sure I’m a long way from done.

On the other hand, my chest and back seem to be virtually smooth and hairless after around 10-11 clearances (I haven’t kept exact count). There IS light at the end of the tunnel… with persistence electrolysis is amazingly effective!

photo during the treatment via japanese Kobayashi IME HR-5000