thinning out

I have very hairy arms… but they are all extrememly light or blond hairs and pretty thin… most are about a cm to a cm and a half long… Theres just a hell of a lot of them…
From the looks of it Id say spacing of about a mm apart… and i guess theres some that maybe are two hairs growing together…
My question is… how does an electologist go about thinning them out somewhat? and if so does it look weird? And is there any way of just making the hair thinner and shorter (permanent)


shorter? No.

Thinner? Yes, but not reliably, as some would never come back, and others would come back thinner.

Electrolysis is the most selective hair removal treatment out there. The practitioner would simply select something like every 5th hair to remove, and the result would be fewer hairs, but in the same basic pattern you already have.

I’m also very interested in having the hair on my arms thinned out! Right now my electrologist & I are still working hard on my underarms & face (1.5 hours biweekly for 6 months - love the results so far) but once those areas become less time-consuming I want to go for it.

I’m worried though - how can we keep it from being patchy? I usually have my arms waxed a few times a year so it’s never in “full bloom” - would it be best to start freshly waxed so we’d be certain to get active hairs, or better to let it grow out fully and try to identify active hairs by color (my practitioner claims she can tell)? Or not to worry about active or not, and just remove every 5th hair or so like you say and keep at it until they’re gone? Is thinning out something electrologists learn in training? Is it considered more difficult than clearing an area fully?

Thanks James et al!

Thinning takes more time per hair, because you may not have the luxury of a simple pivot and reinsert. Other than that, it is no different than anything else.