Thinning out hair

Does any one have suggestions for trimming hair on your hands? I assume that no matter what I do it will look unnatural. I have used thinning shears, but it doesn’t look quite right. My guess would be that using something like a Whal razor would leave an unnatural look as well.

I’m not sure how to THIN the hair on your hands, but then I don’t know how long your hairs are. You could try using a hair clipper with the 1/4" or 1/8" attachment and see if you get the result you want. You’ll still see hair but it will look less dense because it is shorter and doesn’t curl anymore, if that is your situation.

Personally, I trim off all the hairs on the back of my hands with the MicroTouch trimmer (available at most drug stores now) and “thin” the hairs on my arms with a hair trimmer and the 1/4" attachment. The shorter arm hairs make the transition to the hairless back of my hands very smoothly and the combo looks very natural.

Works for me! :grin:

Hmm…I guess it looks ok…I used a trimmer on my arms at 1/4", however it looks pretty fake…you can definitely tell that I trimmed them, the ends of the hairs are all blunted and it looks like they have been cut recently…damn hair is annoying. There has got to be a way to cut my arm hair and make it look more natural…

The first trim is very apparent, but probably moreso for you than for someone else looking at you. Give it another week or two and see what you think. Maybe your hair thickness and density would rather see a 3/8" or 1/2" clipper. The blunt ends tends to go away with time as they wear down a little and rub against clothes, etc. At least that’s been my experience.