Thinning (not fully removing) Arm Hair

  1. Does anyone know anything about Advanced Laser Clinics or Aesthetic Laser Centers? The second appears to be much cheaper ($75/15 minutes on unlimited body parts), but it looks like a low-budget web page, so I’m not sure how much I trust it. Any other suggestions for the La Jolla / San Diego area?

  2. I would like to thin my arm hair without removing all of it. My skin is light and my arm hair is both dark and light (possibly light from being bleached by the sun?). Can I just stop after the first or second treatment and expect to have noticeably fewer thick, dark hairs? How many minutes should I expect both arms to take? 15? 30?

  3. There are SO many advertised specials in San Diego (if anyone lives here, just ask me for the list and a website with coupons), but each one is only valid for first-timers. Would it be horrible if I did each treatment at a separate location, as long as I spaced them right? Is it bad to use different laser types?

Thanks in advance–I will keep y’all posted when I begin treatment in the next few weeks!

hey i live in SD sure i would like to see the list thanx

Check your private messages for the full list. I didn’t want to take up too much space here, but if anyone else in SD is interested, check out these coupons first.

Im very interested in finding a decent place in san diego. Let me know about your experiences or any sugggestions that you have. I am getting sick of shaving/waxing and all the irritation it causes. Therefore Im looking to at least get started with laser treatment on my chest.