Thinning instead of total removal??

I apologize in advance if this has already been addressed elswhere.

I’m currently getting LHR on my back and shoulders and am satisfied with the results. But what I’d like to do next is “thin out” my arms (down to the knuckles) and possible buttocks and genitals. I don’t want to be completely smooth in these areas, but, where I’m getting my shoulders done, there is a stark difference on my upper arms where the LHR treatments stop. I’d like to show a smoother transition, and get rid of some of the density on my arms.

My question is, if I just get a few laser treatments (2-3) in these areas, will the hair be thinned out. I’m concerned that instead, I’ll end up with smooth patches interspersed with dense patches. Also, I’d like to reduce some of the “bushiness” in the genital area. I could use a beard trimmer, but if there is a “permanent” method, I’d prefer that.

Anyone tried this approach?


I am a little curious about your experiences thus far. How long have you been hair free? which laser was it? what did it cost. Im in the same position. As for your question, the things I’ve been reading tend to point towards patterned or grid like regrowth. An experienced practicioner may be able to do what you want, are the people you go to experienced? You still need an expert like rjc2001 to confirm or deny this thru real life experience.

I think the best way to ask your technician. My technician offered a “thinning” option as well as “smooth” one. I went for smooth.

There has been a little bit of patch regrowth on my chest but the regrowth is only 5-10% after 8 treatments. I want it all gone, but I am very satisfied so far. I have not had as many treatments on my upper arms but the regrowth there is not as patchy.

If the technician overlaps the laser spot that should reduce the patchiness of regrowth. Even with a small overlap I have had some patchy regrowth but I do not consider it a problem. Most of the chest hair that’s left is white so I will most likely remove it with electrolysis.


The only trick with thinning vs. c;learing is to thin it out even;y. This takes considerable skill. Try to get something in writing about evening out any irregular areas in case you have patchy regrowth.