thinning for bikini and timing for full leg + bikini sessions

I have three questions -

  1. How many sessions should it take if I just want to thin out the top part of the bikini (going for something like a brazilian with some left on top, only I want the top part thinned out).

  2. On my third full leg session the technician missed a lot so I went back a couple of weeks later and got a “touch up”. When should I go back for the next appt?

  3. Is it detrimental if i stop sessions for several months and resume later - say 6 mo’s down the road? (a huge and unexpected expense if forcing me stop treatments for now.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.



  1. 2-3

  2. same as before. when you see enough new hair come in to justify a treatment.

  3. you shouldn’t take a break at LEAST until 4-5 treatments. it’s important to get hair in synch. basically, skipping months will mean that you will require more treatments overall. a lot of places take credit cards btw if thats an option for u.

thanks, that is very helpful. The manager at the clinic told me I’d need to come in 6 weeks after the first treatment, regardless of the touch up b/c the touch up wouldn’t affect the overall timing, but that didn’t sound right to me since the hair I got touched up (strips were missed the first time) haven’t grown back yet.

By the time that hair grows back in another few weeks I will be able to handle putting it on the credit card.

So, in general should I stick to the every six weeks policy or wait until most of the hair starts to grow back before going in for a treatment?

thanks again!

you should stick to what your body tells you. there is no set time frame. it’s usually 8-10 weeks for most on most areas on average. 6 is usually too early. 14 is a bit later. somewhere in between is good. just wait till there is enough hair to justify a treatments. it won’t be hard to tell.

I get my braz every 6 weeks, the minimum appt time offered. I have a package with a 1-yr follow-up and I prefer to have the accelerated schedule with faster results and (perhaps) have an extra treatment or two which I hope will fall within the guarantee period.