Thinking of laser hair removal.

I am considering having laser hair removal on my chin and upper lip as well as my cheeks and eyebrows. I would like to hear from anyone who has gone through this process, and what were your results. I have fair skin and very dark course black hair growing on my chin and elsewhere. It is very hard to manage. Is laser my best option? I Have tried home electrolosis, tweesing and some “hair stop” creams. Any help, advise and input would make my decision easier!!
S. :smile:

You sound like a good laser candidate. If you have a LOT of hair, you may need to supplement your hair removal with some medical intervention. Some poeple have glucose issues or hormonal levels that cause their hair to be difficult to treat. If you have tried a lot of things, it may be worth asking your doctor.

If you decide to try laser, I recommend getting some test patches done before jumping right in on your face. And make sure to find the very best practitioner. This will make a HUGE difference in how your treatment turns out.