thinking about getting laser hair removal what should?????.


I’m from Milton Pennsylvania

1st where do I find someone who does laser?
I tried the yellow pages NOTHING is under hair removing. ???

Where did everyone find their place?

Second I would like to do an EXTREME bikini line first thing.

Is there anything question I should ask, or anything I should keep in mind when I find someone who does it?

Does this hair remove very easy???
how many sessions

Thanks for any help.


Start calling dermatologists and plastic surgeons in your area. They are the MDs most likely to provide hair removal.

Look at to get guidelines on choosing a practitioner.



thanks is there and important question that I should definitly ask???


One thing you may want to ask is if there is any type of guarantee and how many sessions they believe you will need.

I had the same type of laser work done as you are asking and after 5 treatments I was pretty disappointed.

You should also meet with the technician, after all “bikini” work is pretty personal and if you don’t feel comfortable just talking to the person imagine how you will feel during the treatment.


what kind of laser did they use??