Thinking about coming back to laser

Hey my name is Pete and I’ve been on this forum on and off for the last three years.

I had three treatments with the candela gentlelase plus alexandrite laser with Dana Combopiano in Cary, NC. About six months later all of the hairs came back, all of them. What I had wanted was something like a 50% reduction, hence I stopped after three.

Dana says that the reason they came back was because hairs can rejuvenate if you don’t go through with six to eight treatments in a row (even though before hand she told me I could just get 3 and see a 50% reduction).

As it stands right now, I’m a little disillusioned with whether this stuff really works. I’d like to meet in person someone who has had treatments and remains with little regrowth many years later.

Today though, I feel like I want to get one treatment done before summer arrives, so I can just have that for the summer. What is stopping me is I’m worried about the cost, about 550 for full legs, and I’m also worried that when the hairs start coming back in on my legs, they will be itchy for a long time.

Are there any people out there who can attest feeling like the procedure doesn’t really work?

Also, are there any men on this forum who can give me a heads up about what to expect a month or two down the road from having shaved their legs, (e.g. is the prickliness/ itchyness managable? should I really do this and risk the discomfort?)

You should be able to get a decent reduction from 3 treatments.

I’m female and 3 treatments gave me like 80% reduction on my lower legs. It’s been this way for a year now.

The Laser type is fine if you’re type I - III.

I’d probably try somewhere else. You need a clinic that will use aggressive settings and to also go by the treatment timescales given on these forums i.e. wait 12-16 weeks before the next leg treatment.

From my experience 3 isn’t enough to get that much of a reduction, maybe 4 would be better. Either way if the hair is treated at high enough settings then it can never come back since it’s been killed. She’s just trying to get you to come in for more treatments. Do you know what settings were used on you? Low settings will still cause the hair to fall out but it doesn’t mean it actually killed it permanently.


Perhaps you are right that she treated me on too low of a setting. I notice you used a GentleLASE as well, do mind telling me what setting you were treated you what and what skin type you have?

I can’t remember what setting she treated me on, but I have type III skin

I’m skin type 3 pushing 4 if it’s the summer, etc. I’m not really sure the settings used I only used it for a couple treatments, I believe it was 18J though and it 100% was 18mm.

You’re not providing enough information for us to judge anything. Do you know the settings used? Can you call and find out? We need to know the spot size and joules. All hair coming back is usually either the result of low settings or the hair not being coarse enough. Hair doesn’t regenerate if it was actually treated properly at good settings in the first place.

What area is this? What’s your skin type?

On GentleLASE, max is 20J on 18mm spot size.