thin hairs


can electrologists remove very thin hairs? i would like to have my upper arms and back done, but all the hairs are very fine. do fine hairs take less treatments or is it the same as thicker ones?


I find upper arms really easy to do.

It seems I always find the proper angle/depth on the upper arms and every hair comes out looking like a tadpole


Electrolysis can remove any hair the person working on you can see well enough to perform accurate insertion. The only thing that may stand in the way of removing the hairs you wish to have gone is that if they are too tiny, the person you see may not have powerful enough magnification to view it well enough. Check around and see who in your area can do this work best.


Actually you may say that electrolysis has to remove very fine and tiny hairs…why?..because with each time the hair gets zapped and if it grows back it is considerably finer and thinner.

Don’t want to start something you can’t have finished.