thin facial hair laser depilation

My problem is that i have thin facial hair on the cheeks(my skin is fair and these thin hair are brown) and I have recently visited a dermatologist who practices lasers. She told me that she cannot guarantee about the results, because in the case of very thin hair (unlike hair on upper lip that are darker and coarse) there is a 5-15% probability not only that they reappear, but will also be coarser in texture than the were before treatment. she said she hasn’t encounter something like that in none of her patients, but still there are many woman who have experience sth similar.Is this really happening? And what should i do to get rid of them?

Hi! The fine vellus hair that you are speaking of is a problem for both electrologists and laser practitioners alike. Extremely difficult to treat effectively, with very little result. If you try laser, you might get some reduction, and NO, the hairs will not come back coarser or darker. The slight reduction you will get might not b e worth the effort however. If someone in your area has the Syneron Aurora, you might try that. This machine is designed specifically for light, white or fine hair, so it may work better for you. I hope this information helps - keep us posted. :wink: