Thin chest hair

I’m feeling so depressed from the thin hair all over my chest. Does anybody know how to treat and reduce it?

Electrolysis if your best bet :slight_smile: laser is really good for thick, dark, coarse hair.

If you need an electrologist recommendation you can find one in the electrolysis sub forum.

I can’t do electrolysis cause the hair is too much and I had electrolysis done on my side burns but it didn’t help at all.

If you have a competent practitioner, there is no way electrolysis just ‘doesn’t work’. It takes a while to start seeing good results- were you going regularly?

As many people will tell you here- Electrolysis can be done for ANY amount of hair. Some practitioners only do up to an hour, but plenty are willing to do more.

There are really only two methods of permanent reducing or removing unwanted hair at the moment (Personally I dream of a future where we pop one pill and it’s all gone) and that is Laser treatment or Electrolysis.

Golden standard for laser is course and dark- but from what I understand dark is the most important factor as the laser targets the PIGMENT in the hair (melanin). The hairs will not actually be gone- more like far, far less noticeable. As in you would simply not notice them although they are still there.

Electrolysis is a ‘take all who come’ sort of treatment, although it does require more time ‘in the chair’ for treatment and is (in my opinion, anyway) more painful.

Don’t buy the promises of any magic pills or skin tonics- These really are your only options for actually TREATING the problem.

i called a laser place and the woman told me they have lasers for my hairs as long as the hair has pigment.

Not sure I totally agree with that. Another pre-requisite is that the hair structures should be coarse. Fine black or brown hairs can’t be seen by laser, in fact, on some areas, hair can actually be awakened and clients end up with more hair.

Maybelle - put your effort into finding a good electrologist. There is so much info available in the threads on this forum that will help you in establishing who is offering good treatment.

I had this area treated (fine but long and black hairs) with electrolysis and I would highly recommend it.

I don’think I can because I would need a lot of money and I’m not sure it would work anyway. I guess I’ll just have to live with this.

Why are you not sure it would work?
Also you can pay bit by bit (I pay a mix of £20, 35 or 50 a few times a month depending on what I can afford) so yes you must invest money, but you need not pay all at once.

If this really bothers you, it is worth investing in.

My post vanished, I will try again:

Why are you not sure it would work?

Also you don’t need to pay all the money at once- I pay £20, £35 or £50 a few times a month depending on what I can afford.

If this is really bothering you, then removal is well worth the investment.

Hi, I suffer from the same problem. I have fine black hair all over my chest and stomach area. From what I have seen so far , treating fine hair with laser will be a risk (wish it wasn’t since laser is quicker and cheaper) The thought of electrolysis on such a large area scares me but since I really want to be hair-free (for life!!) , I might just take the plunge.
I live in Vancouver and visited an electrologist last week. She said she will start with one hour per month, starting from the chestbone area( first thing I want treated!)
@stoppit&tidyup , you said you got this area treated, can you tell me how lond did the whole process take? and what did you pay per session? I will be charged 120$ for one hour. I have no idea whether this is a reasonable price for an electrologist, I will try to find other electrologists in Vancouver and compare the rates, but I do like the lady since she seems experienced and knows what she is doing.
Posting photos of the chest and stomach area, just in case someone thinks I am hairy enough to be safely treated with Laser :wink: I did visit a laser technician and she said chest hair are too fine to be safely treated bit she can treat stomach hair with laser. But the more I read on this forum, the more scared I got for paradoxical hair growth. Please suggest, I will be extremely grateful :slight_smile:

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A skilled Electrologist, who is not intimidated by large areas, can do this for you permanently. My preferred strategy is always the strategy that allows me to use the fastest and deadliest way possible to remove many hairs per hour. This can be found with the better high tech engineered modalities of flash thermolysis and its variations. Specifically, on my epilator, I use PicoFlash thermolysis, where hairs are treated in under a second, specifically, in the range of .020 - .030 thousands of a second, with an automatic timer that can go less than .5 sec between insertions, once I get in my Zen mode and if the client will hold still. Otherwise, I’m inserting with a .7 second delay.

This is what a modern Electrologist can do for you. If she or he cannot offer this strategy, they are still going to permanently remove your hairs in ways that they are comfortable doing. It all works, but be mindful that there are different strategies to get you from point “A” to point “B”. I’m just telling you what is possible with one strategy.

Laser will not “see” your fine black hairs. Sorry.

One hour a month is not helpful for such a large area. See if you can talk her into doing one hour per week if she has time or set up weekly recurring appointments in the future. Being on a schedule is one positive indicator that you will meet with success, as long as the Electrologist is skilled.

Thank you dfahey. I will do more research on finding an electrologist I can put my confidence in.