thih hair

My electrologist said that she cannot treat thin hair under my chin. There is a lot of hair. Some are thick dark hairs and she got them, even though about 50% she just tweezed. So I have a bloody chin now. She said because it is sleeping hair, it won’t come out easily. But she said the same thing last time, the hairs came back within a week and she tweezed them again!

But the other hair, light gray and just thin white hairs, of which there are a lot, she said she cannot get. Is that normal for all electrologists? Is it possible to get that thin hair? What can I do about it??

Thank you.

One of the reasons that Electrolysis is effective when all other treatments fail is the fact that it can get thin hair, white or grey or blond hair… in any position on the body, safely, and permanently… there is the one proviso of course, and that is that you get the hair when it is in the anagen or growth phase… apart from that, a competent operator using one of the three effective methods of Electrolysis is going to be successful.

I would be looking for another person to do the work… properly… you can pluck at home yourself much cheaper…


I agree with IHH-- you should be able to treat any hairs with electrolysis. If you have a LOT of hair, you may want to consider speaking with an endocrinologist about the possibility of hormonal issues or glucose intolerance.