Thick hairs from tweezing


I plucked a few hairs from my chest, and now they’ve grown back thick and prickley. I’m sorry I plucked them now, b/c they look worse. Will the hair return to normal if I leave it alone for a few cycles of growth and regrowth?


In a word, NO!

Electrologists tell clients never to tweeze because of the fact that it only leads to thicker coarser, more distorted hairs. Tweezing can even stimulate additional hair growth in the area. Once tweezed, your hair will never revert to its former condition. :fearful:

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While James’s advice is generally true, there are occasions where plucking will have no effect on hair coarseness or thickness. In rare instances, a hair may not return, especially if you are older.

There are a lot of issues with epilation, but plucking a few hairs once is probably not going to have much of an impact on them long-term.