They call me Yeti

So I’ve decided I’m finally gonna try this laser thing. I’ve a hairy body, but mostly am concerned about my back, so Its alot of area to cover.

I’m so glad I ran across Hairfacts, as the site has helped me out greatly.

What I was wondering is if anyone knew of a good Doctor in NYC area that they have experience with or maybe know about from others. I’ve taken the adviced offered and looked up a few Dermatologists that seem promising. I will be going for consultations soon and will let you all know, but a point in a good direction would be most appreciated.

I guess thats it.

Welcome, Curly!

Glad the info has been helpful-- you’re doing well so far by going to see dermatologists. I don’t personally make recommendations of practitioners, but perhaps some of the readers can point you in the right direction. Many consumers have been reporting good results with alexandrite and diode lasers.

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