I am getting thermolysis done with a credited licensed technitian. However, I can feel her plucking out the hairs. It that bad? I heard they are suppose to slip out. I am not sure. Thanks!

Find a hair in the general treatment area that is still there. Pluck that hair out yourself. Is this what you are feeling when your practitioner is working on you? If not, she is doing what she is supposed to.

This is a hard question because especially at the beginning of electrolysis, some hairs have a healthy, thick root bulb that is thicker than the pore. If the hair was properly treated, it is technically “sliding” out, but you do feel a popping sensation as that thick root pops out through the narrow pore. It feels similar to tweezing but there is a very subtle difference. With a hair that is tweezed, there is a lot more pulling on it, it gives greater resistance. I also think it hurts more. With the popping sensation, there isn’t as much resistance, and you don’t feel your whole skin being pulled up along with the hair.

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