When doing thermolysis, my practitioner puts the needle in two or three times in a row for each hair (and each time for one or two seconds)… Is this normal? Also, I read at that when the practitioner uses the tweezer, the hair should come out easily and not feel like it is being tweezed. Maybe 30-40% of the time, it does feel like the tweezer is pulling the hair out. Does this mean the hair will grow back – is the electrolysis ineffective if I can feel the tweezer, um tweezing?

Basically, I’m wondering why I can feel the tweezing if my practitioner is going at each hair 2-3 times. The hair should be quite dead after that and the tweezing unfelt, right?

Small scabs developed after my first session (I’ve just gone for my second), and from what I’ve read this is normal. Does scabbing always result, or is it just when skin is hit rather than the hair follicle?

Another concern: the practitioner answered a phone call while working on me, and another time went off to write some product info from a TV program. Aside from this being a minute off time I paid for, this seems really unhygenic. My practitioner has many years of experience, is state certified, was an instructor, etc. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable, but I didn’t speak up during my session.

I know that’s a lot of questions, but I hope y’all will answer them. thanks in advance


One of the methods that some therapists use is to multi-zap each folicle. I had one therapist who used to do it twice each time - the only downfall I could see was that it was slower than the single zap.

It’s difficult to judge the tugging you feel. If they’re hairs that have never been treated before, it might be due to a large bulb being pulled up a small folicle.
But then it could be due to under-treatment.

If you over-treat, you might get skin damage.
If you under treat then it could cost more in repeat treatments and take longer.
In my book, it’s probably best to under-treat…
… any thoughts on that, anyone??

Tonic had some excellent advice - shop around!! I know it’s hard (I was dead embarrassed, and just relieved I’d found one place that could take me on!) But if you’re starting out, it could be very worth your while - both financially, and in the results you get!