Thermolysis vs. The Blend

I am new here and so, glad I found this message board. I had a severe facial hair problem that started when I was a teen (am now 35). I did anything and everything to hide until age 23 went I couldn’t stand shaving my face like a man. I started Thermolysis at age 23 and when 1 hour a week until it was clear enough for me to stop shaving. I have not shaved since. My chin was just about clean with no new growth after about 3 years but, I reduced the number of visits after it was initially under control. Also keep in mind that I could have grown a full beard. The hairs were dark and very course. So, I was glad to get to where I was but, my hormones still bounce around and I get some new growth…especially over the last year. We tackled the upper lip too and made tremondous progress but, now the majority of my course hairs are blond and the lady that I saw for 10 years just couldn’t find them very well with the magnifying light she was using. I gave up on her and have started with a new lady that uses the Blend method instead of the Thermolysis. This lady is able to clear a larger area and I have rarely get any scabs after my treatments with her but, I am a bit leary. I have had about 8 visits with her (45 minutes each). I feel her tweeze a little and I have always read that you should not feel any pulling after they zap it. It isn’t much but, enough to notice that the hairs are not sliding out. She says because the root is still big on the ones I feel her pulling…which does seem like a fair answer. The only other concern I have is every now and then she hits a nerve and it feels like a shock. I never had that happen during Thermolysis and it is very scary when it happens. It seems to happen more when I am retaining water. One really neat thing about the Blend treatment is this lady squirts gel all over the area after the treatment and rolls this cold metal thing all over the area for a minute or two. This prevents the scabbing and I love this advantage. So, I guess I am wondering if anyone else gets these shocks and if they feel some tugging of the hair if they are doing the Blend method.

Hello and welcome. Glad you could join us.

In short a little popping sensation is ok, as long as it doesn’t feel like what you feel when you rip a hair out yourself.

here is a post string that speaks some about a lot of issues, including the different modalities, popping sensations, and even glove wearing.

My Guy Uses Thermolysis…

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