Thermolysis questions..


I am a 22 year old male. I just had a session of thermolysis done on some growth on my back. The machine has two settings, intensity, from 0-10, and time, from 0-2 seconds. What would be an aggressive setting, both intensity and time, in order to maximize results? The hairs on my back range from medium thickness to coarse hairs. Also, I would like to know how many sessions it will take to see noticable results? What is the kill rate for thermolysis? First session, she used 7 intensity, and .2 seconds. Should the time be increased?


The intensity of the machine’s setting is hard to quantify. Some models have a voltage scale, which makes the intensity between them a little easier to quantify, but then it depends on the thickness of the needle.

It’s difficult to predict kill rate and treatment time, too. It’s so different for everyone!

But time wise:
For thermolysis, you should be looking at a zap length of around 1 to 2 seconds.

Sub-second zaps are called “flash thermolysis” - flash is good for getting a rapid clearing of an area, but the effects are not very permanent.

If you go for a zap length longer than 2 seconds, you run the risk of the heat reaching the surface of the skin and causing visible damage.


Qwik, the settings have to be determines on a case-by-case basis by someone with experience.

The kill rate is not well established, with 15% to 50% estimated in published literature.It’s possible for it to be higher or lower.