Thermolysis-Not as effective?

I’ve been to a few website for some info on thermolysis, and they say that it is not as effective as galvanic or the blend. Is this true???

Operator skill is a much more important variable than type of electrolysis used.

A skilled operator using thermolysis is much more preferable to an unskilled practitioner using blend or galvanic.

Having said that, thermolysis is generally considered faster, more likely to cause side effects, and less effective, all things being equal. It’s a trade-off. You can treat more hairs in a session, but you may have to treat them more than you would with blend in order to get a permnanent result. Some consumers would rather clear all the visible hairs each session and take a little longer to be done. Others choose to treat fewer hairs each session with the goal of getting them removed for good the first time.

Again, operator skill will still be the more important factor, so choose carefully!