Thermolysis, Galvanic, or Blend?

I am thinking about trying out electrolysis again on my lower and upper arms. What would be most effective, as my clinician offers all 3 - thermolysis, galvanic, or blend?

Thank You!

All are effective. Galvanic is slow and very few practitioners do this.Most practitioners use thrmolysis or blend, and of those thermolysis is more common I think.


They are all effective. Seana explained that well. Whatever your practitioner thinks is best for your situation …

Did you start, then stop treatment before? How much time did you put into this area before?

I did electrolysis 10 years ago with little success on this area. Laser has now thinned everything up a bit, so I am thinking electrolysis may work this time around.

Is there little regrowth with electrolysis? How do I know it will work?

It, electrolysis, would have worked the first time around, too. Without any details, I can’t say more than that.

Laser was good for you. Your thinning is a good thing and yes, electrolysis can knock out the rest of the hair as long as you have chosen a skilled electrologist. We are no different than other professions. We all want the most experienced, skilled surgeon or dentist or doctor or lawyer or plumber, electrician, mechanic, home builder, hair stylist, etc.

Somebody once said that laser is the lawn mower and electrolysis is the weed wacker. This sounds like it will hold true in your case. Good luck!