Thermolysis for ear hair?

Greetings, a couple years ago I started to get more ear hair than I would consider normal and I plucked/shaved some of it on the ear lobes and outer parts of my ears and now it’s worse than ever. I assume the plucking caused that? I can’t believe this is an uncommon problem- how do guys normally deal with this?

I called one CPE and they said they would use thermolysis. Is that the preferred method for this type of hair? Most of it is fine light hair but maybe 50 of them are getting to be darker, kind of curly hair. Would blend be safer? I definitely don’t want to damage any of the cartilage.


Those are pretty easy to kill. The only ones they can’t do are in or near the ear canal. If you plug your ear by pressing on the little piece of cartilage (called the tragus) next to your earhole, you can treat pretty much any hairs that are still exposed.

Andrea- thanks a lot for the quick reply! I take it that means that thermolysis is OK for this type of hair (would blend be ridiculous?) I don’t mind paying more, even a lot more, if there is less chance of scarring.

Could I also ask if there are any electrologists you like yourself? I only found 2 CPEs in the Santa Monica phonebook:

Bruckner, Lenore
Tamara, Scott

The first was the one that replied, still waiting to hear from the second. Thanks.

I am a consumer activist, not a hair removal practitioner,a nd i don’t make recommendations on practitioners. Blend is fine and more common on the west coast, but practitioner skill is more important than anything. see the practitioner locator or use the search feature to find others in your area.

I have treated many people successfully with thermolysis on the ear area. A good topical like Lmx or EMLA will help with the discomfort in that area. Just be very careful not to get the numbing agent anywhere near the ear canal.

I only found 2 CPEs in the Santa Monica phonebook

Go to and do a search with “electrolysis” in Santa Monica.

I found 29 listings , but some are bound to be repeats. Still…

This lady has a sense of humor at least <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Zap-A-Hair Electrolysis

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I have had thermolysis on the outer ear area,lobes, etc…
While treating my face, the electroligist asked if I would like her to take care of those hairs too, so of course I said be my guest!

It worked and didn’t cause any problems, but does hurt somewhat since that area is sensitive.


Hi everyone, I wanted to give an update and ask a question. I started this in Feb 2005 and I’ve been going about once/month. 8 times so far. It seems like it’s working, but only very slowly. I still see many hairs that have been there since Feb 2005. Is it normal for it to take this long?

I also started having my nose treated a couple months ago, the inner visible part, and I’m not sure I see any improvement there at all. The hairs grow right back. It’s also quite painful, even after topical LMX.

Please read this post string, with special attention to my first post in the string.

regrowth charts

fyi. me and hairlessinla poster both go to Tina at Zap-a-Hair in Westwood, so near Santa Monica.