Thermolysis: Any West Coast CPE's near fast as Fino?

Wanting to clear several large areas relatively fast, and having found Blend method waaay to slow, I am wanting to try Thermolysis. However it seems like all the “Thermo-Superstars” are East-Coast. It would be great to be able to just go to Fino Gior, but coast to coast airfare is just too much of a budget-buster for me. Anyone have any West-Coast recommendables? I currently live near Seattle,WA. But will be moving soon to San Bernardino,CA. area…anybody?

I would really like this info as well. In Electrology, there seems to be an East Coast, West Coast thing going on. East Coasters are one handed Flashers, and West Coasters are Two Handed Blenders. It seems to be more difficult to find a Thermolysis Operator in the West, than it is to find a Blend Operator in the East.

Come on People, Help us out with the search, and fill our referral directory. :smile:

Over a year ago I emailed Fino Gior to ask his recommendation for an Electrologist in the L.A. area. He gave his refferal for a practitioner in Santa Barbara, which is at least a couple hours outside L.A. This leads me to believe he is either unfamiliar with the geography of the west coast, or there really is not much selection out here, or that Fino is not the best person to ask for a West Coast referral. However, you might try emailing him and ask him to point you in the right direction. He responded very quickly to my message.

I know you’re probably not looking for yet another angle, but: You might want to seek out a blend electrologist who can do local anesthetic injections. As far as I can tell, this is the best of both worlds; you can get short epilation times on the thickest of hairs, and still have the residual benefits of the lye.

This is the exact method of treatment I am being given. My Electrologist, who is in the L.A. area was referred to me by a very satisfied consumer on this Forum. Although I am only about two weeks into my second treatment, I am very happy so far. I have no idea how she compares to Fino, however.

Thanks for the suggestion DIY’er, I may try that. I got some Lidocaine from my dermatologist, and am gonna try to set up some tandem sessions with two electrologists. I still would like to find someone who uses Thermolysis though.

s vs. H, DIY’er and myself are talking about Lidocaine INJECTIONS, and not a topical.

Topical Lidocaine will not be very effective for electrolysis. It will numb the skin surface, but most of the action is taking place deeper in the skin. That’s why people get Emla or LMX for the job. But first see if you need it at all. Most people just do fine with nothing. Drink plenty, take acetominophen, iboprophin or both if you require. The sensation will also depend on where you go for treatments, so it’s always good to shop around.

Good luck!

Ela-Max, EMLA, and so on are topical (meaning they are applied to the surface) anesthetics. Some topical anesthetics contain benzocaine, which is absorbed very little into the skin.

The pain, and its tolerability, also depends strongly on where on the body the electrolysis is being performed.