Thermolysis and Hair Re-Growth

Can improper thermolysis cause hair re-growth? I am a 28-year-old male, and I have had some coarse, dark facial hair removed on my cheeks. The coarse hair is gone, but it seems like I have a lot more of the finer, blonde hairs than I used to. Some are getting pretty long, too. It’s not just a “close up mirror” issue; I can see these suckers from long range!

What has probably happened is that, having had the coarse, dark hair removed, you stopped shaving the area. This allows the long, blond hairs you already had (but were shaving off when you removed the darker stuff) to grow out for the first time. I had my entire beard removed, and after I stopped shaving I noticed the blonde ones, too. I am having the super long ones zapped, but you don’t want to remove ALL of them, since it will make your skin look waxy and strange.

do you mean you’ve had continuous treatments for a year or so and removed those coarse hairs permanently? if you do, then what happens is that when you have all those coarse hairs, the blond and finer hairs are not noticeable. but once you get the dark ones removed, you start paying a lot more attention and notice these others that were there all along. electrolysis doesn’t stimulate more hair to grow. even if you think there are a couple of new hairs that grew in over the past year, they would have done that regardless. but judging by even my personal experience, most likely you didn’t notice those before. hair removal becomes a bit of an obsession if you ask anyone on these forums <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> you start noticing every single hair, forget what you started with, and want everything gone at whatever price.

I appreciate the responses lagirl and werenotafraid. I posted earlier in the summer on a similar topic, but I have read about a variety of different experiences with thermolysis since that point. I guess I get paranoid! It’s hard not to stare at these hairs in the mirror. I think I just have a real obsession, as you said, with my hair. Thanks again for the responses!


Thermolysis does not cause the hair to regrow. A certain percentage will grow back, but with regular treatments they will be eventually be eradicated.

I have been getting treatments for 3 years total.
Now I get a few, maybe 5 or so very fine hairs which come in on my upper lip. It takes a week for them to grow out,
and they are extremely fine and hard to see, except at a few inches. My cheeks are much the same as the lip, maybe even less hairs come back there.


Thermolysis, if done properly, which seems to be true in your case, does not cause regrowth. As the other posters have stated is that you are now seeing the light-colored hairs that you used to shave coming to their full length. I am assuming, of course that you are no longer shaving those areas.

If you only have a few of these that get really long, you might want to consider clipping these offenders off with a small pair of scissors. Do not tweeze them as this will cause them to accelerate their growth. The balance of really fine, small hairs, known as vellus hairs, are natural to just about every person on the planet and should not be tampered with. Getting rid of these will most likely cause over-working of the skin. Besides, these hairs do give the skin a softer, more healthy appearance.


Great comments and advise. Thanks everyone!