ThermoLase costs?

Can anybody tell me about how much you are paying for this treatment? I am looking to have my chest, stomach, arms and shoulders done.


Also, how long after your treatmet can you go out and enjoy the sun?

By the way I have light skin with black hair.

Are you referring tonthe Soflight laser by Thermo-lase? If so save your money and find a practitioner that uses a better laser. The Softlight does not provide long term results at all. I have had excellent results with the Apogee and Lightsheer lasers. The long pulse Nd:YAG lasers like the Coolglide or Sciton are less likely to interfere with your tanning but I have no prsonal experience with them.

I don’t get laser treatments in the summer because my skin gets too dark. My tan takes 3 months to fade enough for laser treatments. I only get lasered in the winter and spring.

To answer your question though the Softlight should be much cheaper than the Lightsheer due to the very short term results. Usually they wax you after the Softlight treaments and you can’t really tell if the hair removal was from the laser or the waxing. I was quoted $800 for eight treamtents of my entire upper body. They cancelled at the last minute. I got mad and went to a different practitioner which was the best decision I ever made.