thermalysis causing pitting?

Hey… I’ve had 2h45mins of thermalysis done on my face… It went well-ish (the hair feels like it’s being slightly plucked about 1 out of 10 times). This morning I was looking at one of the areas where she spent about 30 mins on and noticed my pores looked enlarged, it looks like tiny pitted scarring. And it is ONLY in that small area where the electrologist spent a lot of time. Is this permanent? What could be causing this? Please help, I am very worried that I will have to stop treatments. I absolutely am frightened by permanent skin damage as I already have so many scars from acne.

i also wanted to mention that about 70% of the time, the hair “sizzles” and “craks” when i hear the beep. is this normal, or a bad sign?

After hairs have been removed the large pores that go with oily skin and acne can look larger upon super-close inspection of the skin. Pitted scarring is more of a “box car” indention in the skin, rather than enlarged-looking pores.

The sound you hear could be from high frequency blow-out (thermolysis) or it could be from the oil in your skin.

I’m curious, are your hairs coarse or are they fine?

Hi, thank you so much for the reply.

I am including a picture of what I’m talking about. The black box is the damaged aread I am talking about, and the white box is what my pores look like normally (not enlarged, not noticeable) You can also see the type of hair I am dealing with in the bottom left corner, fine blonde hair.

If the sound is from the high frequency blow-out, why does it happen inconsistently? Also, what could be the cause of the “tugging/plucking”?

oh, and my electrologist removes approx. 7 hairs/10 seconds with flash thermalysis. is this within normal range?

Did you ask her about the crackling sound? Do you have any scabbing 48 hours after a treatment? Did you show her your pictures?

What does the other side of your face, in the same area, look like?

yes i have scabbing until about the 4th or 5th day post-treatment. i haven’t asked her about the sound or showed her pictures… i’m kind of nervous about going back to her because now, i’m scared that she will do permanent damage to my skin. i’m thinking of going back to Kathryn Hay at Caress in Ottawa, she has worked on me before and i felt as though she was the most competent one. she also has a very good rep. the only down side is that she is about a 2 hour bus ride away from my house. what do you guys recommend?

the other side of my face is the same way, because during that session she worked on those twin areas and my upper lip.

my real question is, do you think the holes will fill/the skin will even out on its own or do you think these are permanent scars? thank you.

Yes, healing takes place over time for a vast majority of people, but we are individuals and it would be wrong for me to predict that you would be in that vast majority group. I can only guess and say that I am hopeful that you will be just fine.

I would discuss this with her even if you plan on not finishing with her. Feedback makes a practitioner a better practitioner and she may be on double alert and re-examine some things if you show her the pictures and tell her that you are not liking the scabs. I always aim for no scabbing on the face. Sometimes it happens. Some think it is of no concern if they are very small scabs. I don’t freak out about pin point scabs here and there, but I do try very hard to have none when I work on people. Scabs, if they develop, should not be picked off or rubbed off. Did yours fall off naturally?

They fell off when I would apply my moisturizer… What I have right now aren’t scabs though, more like holes in my skin when there is no hair. Should I cancel my 1h appointment with her on Tuesday and go to the lady I went to last year? I do want to talk to my electrologist about what is happening, but if I go in on tuesday I will have to have the 1h done since there is a cancellation fee.

I understand that you do not have scabbing now. You can call her in the morning and tell her of your concerns and that way, the cancellation fee would probably be waived. She may ask if you can still come so she can see the area of concern.

Going to the lady that is two hours away by bus is your choice. If you don’t feel comfortable with the practitioner that is close to you, then certainly it is understandable that you do not want to take chances with your skin. Or, you can give her another chance if her attitude with a new approach is forthcoming. I am of the mind that your skin will be fine with time, but I don’t have a crystal ball.

well, i might have found the cause of these little brown dots/holes. i went to an esthetician today and mentioned to her that i use an AHA lotion daily and also have electrolysis done on a weekly basis. she freaked. she could not understand how my electrologist had not mentioned to me that you absolutely CANNOT use AHA while receiving electrolysis treatments since it reacts with the heat current and causes permanent brown marks (like going out in the sun with AHA without sunscreen)

so either i stop using AHA (i use it for my red marks/scars from acne) or i stop electrolysis. if i stop electrolysis, it feels like i will have thrown away all of this money… help?

I am POSITIVE your practitioner told you to keep the skin clean and dry for 24 to 72 hours post treatment, and to put nothing on it other than the prescribed post treatment care for the electrolysis.

It is much better for you to take your vitamins A & C inside than slathering it on your face anyway.

Put down the skin potions and finish getting your hair removal.

Actually, she did not tell me anything about after care (i use witch hazel, tea tree oil and aloe vera because I read about it on here), she just tried to sell me some 60 dollar cream. And, if you would have read my post carefully, you would have understood that I am talking about pre-treatment skin care and not post-treatment. The AHA leaves marks when it is applied before the treatment.

My point is that one should be told at their consultation that use of an AHA the day after a treatment is bad news. Not everyone would tell you to avoid its use the day you plan to get treatment, but I get the impression that you did not discuss with your practitioner the fact that you use this every day.

As for her attempt to sell you a $60 skin care product. Well, I bet you know my thoughts on that one. :wink:

AHA is an exfoliating chemical. Perhaps electrologists make a blanket comment like, “Do not exfoliate”. Clients do not always realize that this includes AHA’s.

The only exfoliating product many of us suggest is Tend Skin or Follique and then we stress to SPOT TREAT ONLY and use a Q-tip on the ingrowns.

Well, this explains the picture. An intake sheet that asks questions about medical hx, prescriptions, products being used, etc., should have been given to you to fill out before treatments were started. This is a good practice that enhances communication and protects both parties. Beginning pictures help as well. Not all electrologists do this. It is their choice.

Hi Dee,

Would you feel comfortable posting your electrolysis intake form?

Many use the AEA Health History Form. If you want, I can mail you one for your critique.

Thank you!

I have decided to stop using the AHA until I am done with electrolysis. One problem at a time, right?

She never said anything about pre/post treatment care, which I found weird but since I had read a lot on here I thought I knew what to do. I definitely did not know about the AHA, though, and I’m glad I found out before it was too late. She did ask me questions and filled out the intake sheet, but at the time (a month ago) I was not using AHA. I only started 2 weeks ago and did not think to mention it to her as I did not think it would affect my treatments. I feel very ignorant now, lol.

Arlene, what do you mean by posting my electrolysis intake form? I did not get a copy…

I think she meant this question for me, so no need to worry.

I will tell you about it in a private message, Arlene, and I will even share my recipe for Creme Brulee as a bonus! I may have the AEA form? I will check and let you know. I’ll get back to late tonight, if possible.