ThermaLight or SpaTouch


OK, I am on the search for a NYC place that uses LightSheer, and I am not having much luck. I did find a place that uses ThermaLight and Spa Touch…Does anyone have some personal experiences or any facts on either of these two items? I do not want to take any shortcuts with laser hair removal so I am asking for any personal information or non-biased facts about ThermaLight and Spa Touch. I really trying to determine if there is anything better or just as good as Light Sheer, since that seems to be the #1 preferred method with the best results.

Thank you.

Before trying thr Alexandrie, I tried the Spa Touch and it didn’t work for me. It really was a big waste of money for me :frowning: . I didn’t get anything removed from it!

If you do a “new york laser hair removal” search in yahoo, one of the first results is Dr. Bracci’s They claim to have the LightSheer and the LYRA. I have not heard anything about this clinic, but I’m considering it for my own laser treatment.

Don’t forget to post comments on your treatment when you get it :slight_smile: