thermal water spray


Hello all:
Just wanted to share my experience with a product. The product is called “Avene Thermal Water” and it is sold in a spray(aerosol type). This company also has many other skin care products as well that I think are great. The product is made in France and comes right from the source (pure mineral spa I believe). Anyways, it is rich in trace elements and is used for many different things. It is an anti-irritant so I always spray some on after removing hair. It soothes, calms and refreshes the skin. I used it after Laser hair removal and it worked wonders. My skin is somewhat sensitive and this product always soothes my skin. I think it has alot to do with the fact that I am not touching the skin to treat it and that helps alot.
Just wanted to share that with everyone.
FYI: I purchased it in a drugstore here in Ontario, is made by a company called “Pierre Fabre” and the line is called “Avene”