There is no information on skin healing out there

Thank goodness this site is available and people like Mr Bono with his videos. I am dealing with electrolysis skin damage, hopefully just temporary but due to lack of information who knows?? That is the reason for my post. We are all concerned about scarring, but if you have skin damage and you google “electrolysis scaring pictures” you get no results. So evidently no one has ever been scared from electrolysis. Or if you google “how long does inflammation from electrolysis last” you get 3-4 days, sometimes you might get “a month or two”… so where does that leave us? My inflammation has been months and months and is not gone so it must be scars, and since there are no pictures of electrolysis scars, I must be the only person who ever got them.

Yes I know, my post is mocking the information. But that was the point of it. If the professionals here wonder why electrolysis customers constantly ask questions about their skin damage here, it’s because the information on the internet indicates that if your skin healing isn’t completely resolved in a couple weeks, you are permanently scarred for life. And in my case, I can’t even get good information from my electrolgist. And I live in a state where you must be licensed and complete 1100 of study, and she is scratching her head over my inflammation. So is that not taught in school to an electrolgist? Are they taught no side effects last beyond a week? It is just very interesting how there is nothing on the internet that explains long lasting inflammation as a expected side effect. Or maybe I am just the unlucky person who had a reaction that is completely unheard of among electrolysis practitioners and customers alike.

I agree with you. So far, I don’t see schools really delving into post-treatment problems. And yes, when problems arise, the electrologists often get more frightened than the client!
Probably my years working with a plastic surgeon gave me a lot of information (and texts to read). If you head over to my (new) website, you will find categories of free downloads and videos to address healing issues. I’d read the “Wound Module” and “Secrets of your Skin and Hair” … and also watch the videos on the healing process and side-effects.

Oh, I almost forgot … THANKS for the kind remarks!

Thank YOU for the information. One piece of information I wish I could find is about electrolysis bumps or inflammation ( raised areas ) being scars? When I read posts on here of people asking “is this a scar” it’s always pitting or indentations in the skin. The only raised scar information I can find are keloid scars but those look to be large and a dark color and not really in the form of something that looks more like a bumpy rash. Which also makes me wonder if rashes or infections can cause an issue. Like if someone has severe dysphoria about hair on their lip and is unconsciously constantly touching it.

Someplace in this immense Hairtell library, I DID address this issue and I named it “pebbling.” Nicely, that word has made it into our electrology lexicon.
I have photos and will probably do a “stand alone” video on this subject. BTW, extremely rare on the face. I do not do well trying to explain complicated issues in a few sentences in offerings such as Hairtell (a good offering, however).
Problem for me is that we may have a well-thought-out conversation here … and then 6-months later we have to do it all over again with a new patient! With a video, or a publication, it’s just there as a permanent reference. Take the time and read-over or watch my videos on my website. Your answer is “hidden” somewhere in the material.

You are going to be very busy with the videos you are volunteering for. You are such a kind man! Between the pebbling video and I thought you said in a post response here ( I am old too so I may have imagined it :blush: ) you were going to do a upper lip video because it is a “trouble area”. I’m sure MANY of us will be very happy to see that information!

You’re correct. The new format will be me personally talking and reading clients emails … and responding to the questions. I’m hoping a more personal touch will be more helpful … If you have ever watched “Lady C” doing her videos from Castle Goring … that’s my model. (Sorry, no castle, however)