The usual, I suppose.

I obviously joined this forum for a reason [inherent in…well…everything about this site].

Also, excuse the lack of eloquence. Not my forte, especially about a subject as distasteful as this.

Anyway…I’m 18 [going on 19, if it matters]. Little/no chest hair. Recalcitrant hairs around nipples, which are disgusting and are duly gotten rid of. That part is a-okay. Bearable.

What bothers me are the thighs and the buttock region. Is this normal at my age? I find it indescribably disgusting, and along with insecurity about my looks in general, it serves to make life quite horrible.

The knowledge that most guys at this age probably don’t have this is pretty crushing. Almost like a nagging little voice in one’s head at all times.

I’ve tried shaving [grows back fast/difficult], cream [effective, but again, it grows back too fast] and my latest foray into waxing at home just served to make things sticky.

I’m living at home and unemployed [school], so laser/electrolysis is not viable.


Your condition is not unheard of, I was also very hairy in those regions when I was about your age. I decided on shaving, since I wanted to be smooth all of the time and couldn’t wait for the hair to grow out for waxing or a rotary epilator to work.

It is quite inexpensive to have the hair around the nipples removed via electrolysis, if you want to. One of the pros here can give you an idea of what to expect, if I remember right 15-30 minutes per session is about average to remove nipple hair.

You could try using a rotary epilator (“epilady”), which removes the hair similar to waxing. However, one thing to bear in mind is that if you think you may want that hair permanently removed someday, I would not use any method which tears out the hair (rotary epilators, waxing, tweezing.) This can result in distorted follicles, which can make permanent removal much more difficult, and may make the hair thicker.

How many hairs do you have? Is it possible to count what is actually seen today?

Well, by 19 I had a pelt on chest and back and face, so I guess I didn’t worry about the legs. But i have actually seen that on a few guys where they are nearly hairless above the waist and then hairy below it. I have used an epilator on the legs as well, I prefer it to waxing, but do look on here about epilators. There are some posts about them causing ingrown hairs. best of luck, J