The Shadowed Worry


I’m a 5 months post-op 26-year-old girl from India. In Oct 2006, in desperation to start my facial hair removal, I had caught hold of the first Laser clinic I found and my single sitting with them left my skin deeply pigmented and regrowth quite patchy. The guy didn’t know his stuff at all, but it was too late for me by the time I realized that. Thankfully, the front of my face recovered from the pigmentation significantly in about 6 months, although even 18 months later, my neck still has dark pigmented lines running all over it.

Now that’s one sob story mentioned just as a background for what is coming now. I started thermolysis about 8 months back, with an electrologist recommended to me by 3 other transwomen who’ve achieved scar-free clear skins from the same professional. I’ve almost completed 100 hours with her now, but I have a major concern.

The shadow on my upper lip and chin don’t seem to be reducing much at all, even though cheeks’ has reduced significantly. What’s more, for the past 3-4 weeks, only very fine and sparse hair have been growing on my upper lip. I’m afraid that I might be nearing completion on the upper lip, and yet, the shadow is almost as good as it was earlier.

The only thought that offers me SOME relief is that after the first clearance, there had been no shadow on my upper lip and chin as well. So maybe, I could still achieve it. Is it, by any chance, possible that the growth cycle of my hairs is so slow that they’ve been under skin for 3-4 weeks without popping out?

My skin, inherited from my mother, is hypersensitive (My sole Laser sitting and its results were a proof of that too). I just hope thermolysis hasn’t actually left my skin burnt and hence blackened, and hence, the ‘shadow’. [But I must reiterate that the other 3 girls who recommended the electrologist have wonderful and clear skins]

I just hope that at the end of all the pain, I wouldn’t be left with no gain. Anybody have anything to share?